About Myself

My name is Alex Barnes. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and fine artist currently living in Dana Point, California. I graduated from Flagler College in the spring of 2017, double majoring in Graphic Design and Fine art, with an additional minor in Anthropology. I grew up in Florida for most of my life. I was a curious kid growing up, exploring Florida wetlands along the river near my house.  I collected anything and everything I found washed up. Starting with styrofoam buoy markers, then to action figures, fishing lures, antiques, cameras, and everything in between. I wanted to know how they were all made, and who made them. I still exercise a similar curiosity in my creative process. Graphic Design presents special challenges and requires a type of searching for solutions that are rarely on the surface. Fine art and photography, in their own ways, also present unique challenges. The answers are rarely clear, and certainly never singular.